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Messari: Report on DeML and Bittensor Empty Messari: Report on DeML and Bittensor

Tue Mar 28, 2023 10:06 am
On Monday, we saw Messari publish their report on decentralised machine learning, seeing through the hype and addressing the crucial need to prevent big tech from monopolising AI in the future. I chose to focus mostly on Bittensor in the extracts below.

Messari: Report on DeML and Bittensor B9c88810

“The network enables individuals to contribute to foundational models and monetize their work, regardless of the size or niche of their contributions. This is akin to how the internet made niche contributions economically viable and empowered individuals on content platforms like YouTube. “


“The teams behind the projects discussed in this report are not simply building a crypto-based network for hype, but they are teams of AI researchers and engineers who have realized the potential of crypto to address issues in their industry.”

Read the full report:
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