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What Is Chattensor?  Empty What Is Chattensor?

Wed Mar 29, 2023 9:42 pm
To start off, congratulations to the OpenTensor foundation and especially Carro the dev for a successful public beta launch of the proof of concept model ChatTensor.

What Is Chattensor?  Question-mark-6786596_960_720

What is Chattensor?

ChatTensor is a reinforcement learning model like ChatGPT (OpenAI), Claude (Anthropic) and Bard (Google). It is currently in public beta, and will improve with time and feedback.

Instead of being controlled by a centralised entity, it operates in the accordance with the will of TAO holders so that it aligns with open - not corporate - ownership. Because of the nature of the Bittensor network, applications built on it also has the potential to improve indefinitely and infinitely scale, as opposed to centralised systems.

Is chattensor the first product of bittensor?

The first product of Bittensor is Bittensor. The network is the product. ChatTensor is an application built on top of Bittensor on a single user ID. You may want to make the comparison with for example Ethereum. Ethereum is the network, whereas any project (usually having their own generated token in form of an ERC-20) is built on top of the network. The product of Ethereum is not AAVE. Ethereum is the product. The product is an infrastructure that lets users build applications on top of it.

ChatTensor is the first proof of concept made by one solo developer loosely connected to the foundation. Its point is not to be “better” than ChatGPT. The point is to prove that the network works as intended and to showcase the potential of decentralised AI applications built with a model on top of a single miner where the front end is a validator that users can delegate to. TAO holders can show their support to builders and developers by delegating to and sharing their stake with the validator, which in turn will reward the miner(s).

Bitcoin paved the path for a type of decentralised incentivised wage to developers in the form of bitcoin donations for contributing to the network.

Bittensor introduces, along with several other novel mechanisms, a way to sustainably fund development of decentralised applications by directly providing funds right to the developers in the form of delegated dividends in TAO.

ChatTensor is not as good as chatgpt, does that mean it’s a failure?

ChatGPT was a first mover in its field. Yes, we’ve seen chatbots on retail websites and in the form of customer support. But a chatbot that is built on a model trained to act as a robot assistant if you will, is a first.

As a first mover, what you want to do is to NOT blow all your ammunition in the first round. What you want to do is to test the waters, dip your toe in and see if anyone follows. This is what OpenAI did, when they released their ChatGPT to the public. Lo and behold, it took only a few days until the big corporations started flocking in to announce and release half assed products to showcase their own artillery and compete with the first mover.

Much like an experienced gambler not exposing their hand by going all in at the first chance they get, OpenAI held back finished products in the form of updates which would later turn into version iterations. This gave the illusion of ultra fast shipping or products and that resistance was futile. It’s exactly what they wanted.

OpenAI had spent over a decade and billions of dollars to develop their products. It is not a sustainable way of operating, and they have hit a plateau. We just don’t see it yet because they wisely chose to hold back product to keep the illusion of continuation alive.

Bittensor is the solution that will turn this whole sector on its head. Not only bringing the power back to the people, à la Bitcoin, but also providing the potential of infinite scaling. No centralised system will be able to compete with that in the long term. The solution to true AGI will be fuelled by collaboration. A collaboration made possible by a distributed system. No one man can defeat a whole army, no matter how well equipped he may be.
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